What Are the Benefits of Wearing Sport Medical Alert ID Bracelets?

Posted by Jessica Allen on Dec 23rd 2020

In the case of an emergency, a medical ID bracelet is able to communicate important information about your health if you’re not able to. If you’re unconscious, unable to breathe, or confused, you may not be able to tell emergency responders about your health conditions or medications. But because 95% of emergency medical professionals look for medical IDs during emergencies, they have the power to make a difference in your medical care and even save your life.

What are the benefits of wearing a medical ID bracelet? 

Medical IDs help to prevent potentially dangerous misdiagnoses during emergency treatment. They also ensure timely and appropriate care, which is critical in emergency situations. In addition, medical bracelets protect against harmful medical errors. They can also prevent unnecessary trips to the hospital and save you money in medical bills!

Who should wear a medical ID bracelet while playing sports?

It’s a good idea to wear sport medical alert ID bracelets if you have problems that can be exacerbated by physical activity and exercise, such as asthma, or take medications like blood thinners. People who have health conditions such as diabetes, allergies, heart problems, and other diseases or impairments should also be sure to wear sport medical alert ID bracelets.

Whether you’re engaging in solo activities such as running or group sports like basketball, it’s important to wear sport medical alert ID bracelets. In the case that you run into health issues, emergency responders will be able to accurately diagnose you and determine whether or not you need to seek further care. If you already wear a medical ID bracelet on a daily basis, it’s worth it to invest in a sport model. They’re designed to be more durable and secure than regular medical alert bracelets. Sport medical alert ID bracelets are also more comfortable to wear while exercising.

Why choose DIvoti sport medical alert ID bracelets?

Divoti truly sets the standard with its high quality sport medical alert ID bracelets. They feature completely customizable engraving on the front and back of the bracelet, so you can easily fit all of your important health information as well as your emergency contact’s name and phone number. Divoti’s sport medical alert ID bracelets are easily distinguished from regular bracelets thanks to the Star of Life emblem with the snake and staff.

Choose from a wide variety of colors and designs for a medical alert bracelet that matches your style and personality. You can select shades ranging from lavender and lime green to hot pink and royal blue. But there are also muted tones like taupe in addition to the classic black and white. There’s truly a design for everyone!

When playing sports or being active, it’s important that your medical bracelet fits properly. That’s why Divoti’s sport medical alert ID bracelets are fully adjustable and come with a double security clasp. You can also choose from two different sizes: the 13mm Ultra, or the 19mm Pro. With either design, you can rest assured that the bracelet will remain openly visible but keep your information privately concealed. Divoti’s products ensure peace of mind with their security and durability!