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  • What is a Medical Jewelry and Why We Should Wear It?

    In the XXI century, medical jewelry is a simple and the most reliable way to communicate with first responders in case of any emergency.  Divoti medical IDs not only look elegant, but also are potential life-saving pieces of jewelry.  There are no reasons to be shy wearing it. Remember that medical ID jewelry with the information about your critical health conditions, allergies or diabetes can save your life someday. ID tag with Star of Life on a bracelet or a necklace   alert  emergency medical technicians and lets you get a proper help in case of emergency. Medical professionals keep in mind chance of medical ID tags and always check the presence of medical ID on a patient.

  • Variety of Medical Alert Jewelry

    We offer a wide range of medical jewelry. Everyone will find medical alert jewelry that they will like. Check out the great variety of bracelets and necklaces which are made from different types of material. You can choose leather or steel bracelet and suitable necklaces. We have medical alert ID for anyone: massive bracelets for men, elegant necklaces for women, and funny pieces for kids at unbelivable low prices.

  • What Information Should Be in Medical ID Jewelry

    If you  don’t know what information should be engraved on medical identification jewelry, we have made a list of sample information for you. It’s not strict. However, these tips can help you consider what you need. Also, all of our clients get laser engraving for FREE. You should just  consult your family doctor and send us your engraving content, we will engrave and ship it out by the next day.  

    This information should be engraved on medical jewelry:

    • Your name;
    • See wallet card (when you have information about your health and emergency contact in your wallet );
    • Specific conditions of your health (has diabetes; has severe food allergy);
    • Medications you take and information about drug allergy;
    • Your emergency contact (number of your therapist, or closest people).

We hope these tips will help you choose something appropriate for you.

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