Apple Watch Necklaces

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The Apple Watch – More Than Just A Bracelet?

As time evolved, so has technology.  Phones have become smaller and contain a truckload more apps than before.  These days you can track almost anything on your smartphone.  With this evolution, however, the need has also come for smaller and more portable “phones.”  As such, Apple took the lead with the new Apple watch necklace. 

The Apple watch is compatible with an iPhone, and you can track almost anything on it.  This is ideal for those of us who want to keep track of our general health and wellness.

Divoti Usa Taking A Bite Out Of The Apple

Divoti USA always keeps up to date with the latest fashion and health trends.  They have made it a whole lot easier for you to be able to convert your Apple watch into a wearable, fashionable necklace.  The jewelry and custom-made items manufactured by Divoti USA are made from 100% surgical stainless steel.  This is excellent news for anyone suffering from allergies. 

Watch My Heart With Apple Medical Necklace

Modern trends tend to dictate how and what we wear.  But this trend can also save a life.  Gone are the days of dull and unsightly medical aid ID bands.  Divoti USA can inscribe your medical history or emergency contacts on your Apple watch necklace.

Even if you are unresponsive, your necklace will be your emergency voice.  Divoti follows the FDA standards concerning medical inscription, so the quality is of the highest standard.