Fine Hardware

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No matter what type of everyday carry or EDC accessory you choose, you need the right hardware to keep it safe and stylish. Divoti offers a selection of gear ties, carabiner clips, S clips, tie downs, and more so you can wear or hook up your accents with style. Each biner, pocket clip, and tie down is made from stainless steel for maximum shine and longevity. The Steel Hawk and other brands are well known for their excellent construction, strength, and reliability. That is why we have chosen them to offer to you.

What do you carry every day that needs an extra bit of style and security? Whether it is a medical alert charm for your watch, a multi-purpose wallet tool, or a new keychain with health information engraved on it, it needs fine hardware to help make it work for you. The split ring, swivel bolt hooks, snap hooks, and other items are easy to use with all types of accessories.

Secure your key tool or key knife to a split ring in your pocket, car or house keys, or your wallet. Choose a carabiner tiedown to keep automotive accents in place or for use when engaged in outdoor recreation or sports. No matter what your lifestyle or your product choices, this fine hardware gives the necessary strength and style to keep your accessories safe.