Military Dog Tag 7/8"x1-1/2" Deep Custom Laser Engraved Pet ID Tags, Personalized Dog Tags for Dogs, Pets - Color

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  • CUSTOM ENGRAVED IN USA: To order- select among designs, then add your personalization details

  • GREAT IDENTIFICATION FOR YOUR DOG & CAT- Pet ID tag is entirely made of surgical stainless steel – Surgical stainless steel has extreme hardness for wear resistance, high tensile strength for durability and austenitic for corrosion resistance against acidity and alkalinity.

  • SPLIT RING PACK has each of 10-mm /15 mm and 15.5 x 18 mm oval split rings.

  • TOUGHEST MOST DURABLE: edge guard and hand-brushed finish add extra protection against scratches to the pet ID tag

  • BLACK DEEP LASER ENGRAVING WITHOUT CHEMCIAL on custom military dog tags is safe, clear, permanent, and visible on a hand-brushed-finish surface

LEASH KING Custom Engraved Pet ID Tags are made of surgical stainless steel and in San Diego, California.  We ship all our custom engraved pet ID tags within 2 business days after our receipt of your orders.

Surgical stainless-steel personalized dog tags for pets / custom engraved pet ID tags are strong and even hypoallergenic.  No detail is too small.  We add edge guard and hand brush finish to add extra protection to your pet id tags.

EASY-TO-READ:  We use German-quality fiber laser machines to deep engrave your pet tag to be black (engraving content) without any chemical additives.  BLACK DEEP LASER ENGRAVING (2-sided engraving & up to 8 lines of personalized text on pet ID tags) WITHOUT CHEMCIAL is safe, clear, permanent, and visible on a hand-brushed-finish.

Leash king based in San Diego of California, offers a wide range of good quality jewelry, pet id, accessories & findings in stainless steel and titanium. We focus on manufacturing our products of Keepsake Quality, Radical Prices and Favorite Styles.

Leash king was born from our adamant in manufacturing standards and obsession in manufacturing efficiency. Our principles originated from our long history in custom manufacturing for the top major watch brands.

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A custom engraved medical ID speaks precisely for you in an emergency when you can't, allowing medical professionals provide the right treatment and attention you need.
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IMPORTANT: Please contact us through Contact Seller to submit your engraving information within 24 hours of purchase, or we may need to cancel your order.
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Front: 3 lines of 10 characters | Back: 3 lines of 12 Characters (space included)
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