​Dog Tags: Its History and How It Can Help Your Pet

May 25th 2021

A dog tag is a generally used term for metal identification discs given to individuals from the military. A dog tag is one or more metal discs that have information etched, carved, or engraved on them. They are normally worn on a chain as a necklace. Dog Tags come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials with stainless steel being the most generally used. We got to delve into the history of these tags to understand it even better. Soldiers during World War 2 began calling them dog tags as they appeared as though the sort of tags municipal governments given to dog owners

What Are Dog Tags For?

Dog Tags pass information significant for a variety of purposes. The most iconic utilization of dog tags is that of the military. As anyone might expect dog tags are utilized to distinguish canines, felines, ponies, and other different animals. They are additionally utilized by regular citizens for many reasons.


ID tags or discs, normally called dog tags, are given by the military to its members. The tags contain essential information to recognize the wearer and give fundamental info about them. The particular data varies by military branch and has changed over time.


Notwithstanding tags given by local governments to show that a pet is up to date on their immunizations, numerous animal owners will get personalized dog tags. These labels will normally have the animal's name and contact information for the owner on the off chance that their pet gets lost.

Regular citizen

There are almost limitless uses for dog tags however the most widely recognized and the main one is for clinical and also emergency contact data. Regular folks don't need to follow military tags guidelines for this type, format, and placing data correctly permitting them to make tags for any need or want.


Regardless of whether it is your keys, gear, instruments, mechanical hardware, or your airplane dog tags are similarly viable at distinguishing them and what they are used for.

Why Use Dog Tags?

Dog Tags are valuable since they are:

1. Sturdy

2. Light

3. Simple to carry as a necklace or on a keychain.

4. Promptly recognizable

5. Clear to comprehend their use

6. Easy to utilize, no devices or web required

At what point Did The Military Start Using Dog Tags?

Roman fighters were given a piece of lead called a signaculum. This tag may have contained personal information. During the American Civil War, there were a few efforts to coordinate the issuance of some type of recognizable proof to soldiers however nothing came of this. People could buy customized engraved pins or stamped coins to distinguish themselves and their unit. This can be viewed as the antecedent to military id tags, yet they were not broadly used, and they were not given by the military. Numerous troopers improvised by writing their info on a pinned piece of fabric or carving it onto the dress. In the mid-1900s the US military alongside different nations began giving these tags. These tags were regularly round and made of aluminum.

Dog tags, as many people consider them, appeared during WW2 when the M1940 style of rectangular adjusted edge tags with the score in one end was received for use by the US Army. The US Navy and Marine Corps kept on using an oval tag.

Are Dog Tags Still Used In The Military?

Presently in 2021 the US Army, Air Force, and the Marine Corps actually issue and use dog tags. The US Navy has as of late dropped their guidelines for dog tags and at this point don't give them to mariners. The US Coast Guard has not routinely given dog tags since 1974. When deploying to a battle zone individuals from the Coast Guard were given tags.

For what reason Do Dog Tags Come In Pairs?

Most however not all military dog tags are given as a pair. If there should be an occurrence of death one tag stays with the body while the other tag is taken by the unit and returned to their command. A few nations, similar to Canada, issue a single tag that has a notch to permit them to be snapped in two serving similar needs as a couple of tags.

What Do The Numbers On Dog Tags Mean?

The appropriate response relies upon which military branch gave the tag, what the guidelines of the time were, and the individual choices made by the press administrator at the base.

What Do Red Dog Tags Mean?

The US Military issues an additional dog tag to faculty who have specific ailments. This tag is not the same as the standard dog tag and it is:

1. Red

2. Made of aluminum

3. Is longer

Given as a single tag, not as a couple. It is worn alongside the standard set of dog tags. The clinical warning tag is worn on a similar chain as the standard set of dog tags. You can see or request a military medical dog tag whether you are a regular citizen, a veteran, or deployment-ready military personnel.

What Are Dog Tags Made Of?

Most dog tags in existence are made of stainless steel. This metal is tough, consumption safe, and copious. During WW2 a few metals were used for time frames including brass and Monel. The metal used was changed when there were either deficiencies of it or different uses like weapons were focused on. Monel is a composite of nickel and copper alongside different components. Interestingly most US military guidelines explicitly note Monel as the metal to be used despite the fact that it immediately got inaccessible during WW2 and stainless steel turned into the de facto norm.

How effective are these dog tags for your pets?

You just got a cute pair of doggies and keep thinking about whether you ought to get them cool dog tags for recognizable identification. Maybe you've been lingering in light of the fact that really charming dog tags are elusive, or you're looking for amusing dog tags to praise each pooch's personality. Ensure you look at our breakdown on why you need them, what the alternatives are, and how canine sweethearts can ensure their best companion has the best dog tags you can buy. Pet ID tags aren't only useful for bringing your pet home in the event that it gets lost; they can likewise save your pet's life on the off chance that he has an ailment! As well as buying a pet ID tag with your canine or feline's name, address and telephone number, it's also a wise choice to buy an extra tag with clinical data if your pet is subject to the medication.

Pet owners commonly remember the pet's name for the ID tag, however once in a while, they use the pet's proper name instead of the name that the pet is really familiar with. For example, your pet's complete name might be "Katelyn" however on the off chance that you call her "Katie" 95% of the time, this is the name you should put on her tag.

What's more, incorporate your telephone number and make sure to get another tag if your number changes! Ideally, you ought to incorporate your wireless number as opposed to a home telephone. Along these lines, you can be reached at any time of the day, in any event, when you're not at home. Some pet owners will likewise incorporate their place of residence; be that as it may, in the event that you are worried about etching your street number, you can always incorporate an email address.

Those pets can benefit from a pet tag with these medical information:

Epilepsy — If your pet experiences epileptic seizures and requires day-to-day drug, it's essential to incorporate this data.

Addison's Disease — Addisonian canines require every day prescription like prednisone, alongside a month to month infusion of a medication like Percorten-V. Without these meds, the canine can go into Addisonian stun and pass away.

Heart Conditions — A pet who requires heart medicine ought to have a tag with medication and dosage data.

Diabetes — Diabetic pets require day by day prescription; without it, they can go into stun and kick the bucket, so it's important to include dosage data.

These are only a couple instances of the numerous conditions that require every day medicine! Make sure to incorporate your pet's ailment, the name of the medication, and the dose/frequency on a pet ID tag. Pets who require pills can even be furnished with a little metal waterproof vial that can hold a couple of days of pills. Along these lines, if your pet gets lost, he can stay solid if it requires a couple of days to contact the owner. On the off chance that you go with the enriching choices of aluminum or less solid materials, you'll need to check the tags for two or three months to check whether the etching is being worn out and difficult to read.

Since you're prepared to make a new complete ID tag, time to shop for them with us at Divoti! There are countless styles, shapes, and sizes out here, you're certain to discover the perfect search for your closest companion.