Should You Get Your New Puppy A Dog Tag?

Jul 8th 2024

Are you getting a new puppy soon? Have you started collecting all the necessary supplies to ensure that it can be comfortable as soon as you take it home? Does your checklist include a dog tag? How do you pick the right one? What are some key factors to take into consideration when searching for a dog tag?

Taking care of a puppy is not easy. During the first months, expect your lifestyle to do a complete 180. If you are used to sleeping in or going out whenever you feel like it, you will find yourself getting fewer hours of sleep or staying home even on your free days. If you are used to leaving your stuff around, you will have to remember to put it away, stored on a high shelf or locked in a cabinet. It can be very frustrating and make you question why you even thought about being a pet owner in the first place! Despite these setbacks, a lot of people still choose to be one. In a year or two, your little landshark can be the best and sweetest friend you will ever have.

As a fur parent, one of your most important responsibilities is the safety of your pup. When you take it for a walk, there is always a risk of it escaping from its leash and running away. In the event that this happens, you want to give people who see or find your puppy a way to contact you so that you can take them home as soon as possible.

A dog tag is a critical piece of safety equipment for your new pup. Even if you get your pet microchipped, it might not be that easy to secure or willing to be captured to get its chip scanned. With a dog tag, people who come across your dog can quickly and easily read it and notify you right away.

Dog ID tags come in a wide range of sizes, styles, shapes, designs, and colors. They are also made using different materials, such as stainless steel, rubber, brass, resin, and wood. There are engraved dog tags, stainless steel tags, hang tags, slide-ons for adjustable collars, and brass tags.

Because there are so many options, choosing one can be hard. If you check out our selection, for instance, not only will you find a wide selection of medical alert jewelry but you will also see several types of pet tags, from engraved dog tags and slide-on collar pet tags to heavy-duty stainless steel leashes and chew proof dog collar seatbelts.

To help you decide, you have to consider key factors, such as its size, lifestyle, and frequency of use.

For small breeds, a 1-inch tag size is recommended, while for medium to large breeds, a 1 3/8-inch one is ideal. If you have a high-energy breed and plan to do lots of outdoor activities with it, dog ID tags made from stainless steel or brass are ideal as they are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. These are also good for everyday use due to their higher endurance against wear and tear.