Adventure Gear

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Adventure Gear: A Powerful Toolbox In Your Pocket

Time and again as you go through your day, you realize the need for a toolbox.  Carrying around a toolbox wherever you go is not a workable solution.  Everyday carry gear or Adventure gear as it’s called is a better option.  These Adventure tools come in miniature size and provide a variety of features that can be used – anywhere from a screwdriver to a bottle opener. 

Big Adventure Tools - Compact Size

Divoti USA has a 17-in-1 multi-tool available – the Divoti Quartermaster Key Chain Multi-Tool.  This tool is made of high-quality stainless steel.  It has the feature that you can also connect it to a key chain or carry it in your pocket, bag or handbag.

One outstanding feature that this company offers is that they do medical inscription (at no cost) on gifts sold by them.

Shopping for Adventure Gear online is easy when you browse the Divoti USA catalog.  The company's primary focus is on more efficient and effective service delivery.  This includes going the extra mile in quality and function for the best performance.

Making It Personal

Divoti provides free medical engraving on products purchased from them.  The laser engraving is done according to standards set by the FDA.  The quality thereof is of such a high standard that the engraving is protected against fading.

This quality ADVENTURE product is definitely one for the Christmas stocking.