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The Difference Between Medical Alert Jewelry Bracelets And Medical Jewelry Charms

Medical alert jewelry comes in many forms, from bracelets and pendants to charms. But why wear a medical alert charm, bracelet or pendant?

Medical alert jewelry is useful for any and all people, including children, the elderly, men, and woman. Individuals who suffer from chronic or severe illnesses or have an allergy that may affect their daily lives can especially benefit from wearing a medical alert jewelry bracelet. This type of jewelry usually consists of a type of tag on which your medical needs are engraved, warn on a chain around your neck or on your arm. However, some types come with a clasp so you can attach it to something you carry and is known as medical alert charms. 

What Is Engraved On Medical Alert Jewelry?

Bracelets and pendants used for medical alert jewelry are somewhat similar to military dog tags, although they are today available in many different shapes and styles to match outfits or daily office wear. Medical alert jewelry is decorated on one side of the tag, while the other side holds the needed medical information of the person wearing the jewelry. Medical Jewelry Charms purchased from Divoti USA has the benefit of free engraving.

Medical Alert Charms

Divoti USA has a range of medical alert charms available. These charms resemble keychains as they have lobster clasps with which they are attached to something. The tags or charms are similar to the tags of medical alert jewelry but are much smaller; only holding the most basic or important medical information. Charms can be attached to anything, from your handbag to keychain or the like.

Free Engraving

Divoti USA provides the free engraving of charms and jewelry bought from them, to support those in need.