1/1.25-Inch Double Sided ESA Dog Tags (Emotional Support Animal) - Style

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  • 1/ 1.25" DOUBLE SIDED: highly visible and recognizable emotional support animal (ESA dog tag) medical alert tag.

  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE & EVEN HYPOALLERGENIC: Divoti ESA / Service Dog Tag is entirely made of surgical stainless steel with hard enamel. Surgical stainless steel has extreme hardness for wear resistance, high tensile strength for durability and austenitic for corrosion resistance against acidity and alkalinity.

  • RIGOROUS CRAFTSMANSHIP FOR DURABILITY: Heavy duty deep embossed, hard enamel filled and hand polished caduceus symbol on the front of medical alert service dog tag / emotional support animal (ESA) tag Excellent wear resistance.

  • ENTITLED TO ACCESS BY LAW: Divoti Emotional Support Animal (ESA) dog tag / Service Dog Tag provides very noticeable identification for your pet to avoid needless hassles.

  • SUPER EASY to clip on or detach from collar, harness, vest and carrier and never to be frustrated by switching.

LEASH KING Double Sided ESA / Service Dog Medical Alert Tag w/ Quick Clip – Easily Attach to Collar, Harness, Vest – Entirely Surgical Stainless w/ Hard Enamel – Various Designs and Sizes is entirely made of surgical stainless steel with hard enamel filled and hand polished medical symbol in red.

Size options: 1 or 1.25 inch

Excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

LEASH KING Service Dog Tag / Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Dog Tag provides the great, easy and classy way to identify your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) / Service Dog.  We use the same manufacturing technique for our medical alert jewelry on this Emotional Support Animal (ESA) dog tag / Service Dog Tag.  We add our popular pet ID tag quick clip for you to easily and quickly switch among your dog’s collars, harness, carriers and vests.

Service dogs / Emotional Support Animal (ESA)  & their handlers have rights under Housing Amendment Act (FHAA), the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, for Service Dogs only), If you own a service animal or emotional support animal, it is highly recommended you have this service dog tag / emotional support animal tag to prevent problematic situations with housing units, airports and various establishments (may be applicable to service dogs only).

Divoti focus on manufacturing metal products in stainless and titanium of Keepsake Quality, Radical Prices, Favorite Styles.  We encourage you compare our product side by side to the others in the market.

Deep embossed symbol with hard-enameled on surgical stainless steel set a new benchmark in dog tag.

Divoti offers a full ranges of custom engraved pet ID tags of different sizes and styles. 

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A custom engraved medical ID speaks precisely for you in an emergency when you can't, allowing medical professionals provide the right treatment and attention you need.
FREE custom deep laser engraving, medical ID wallet card & medical alert apps
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