QuarterMaster Key Chain Multi Tool, Stainless Steel 17-in-1 Multi Tool W/Bottle Opener + Carabiner Clip

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  • 17-IN-1 KEY CHAIN MULTI TOOL - Save the day with this multi tool that has an integrated bottle opener, box cutter, different wrench sizes, standard ruler, and a flathead screwdriver.

  • TSA FRIENDLY – Divoti Quartermaster Key Tool goes anywhere you go, with a compact design that clips to your key chain or fits in any pocket, pack, or bag, and is TSA-friendly

  • DURABLE, VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE surgical stainless steel- This small multi tool is entirely made of surgical stainless steel and designed to withstand all the daily lumps and bumps you throw at it: extreme hardness for wear resistance, high tensile strength for durability, austenitic for corrosion resistance and even hypoallergenic

  • CARABINER CLIP FOR EASY ATTACHMENT TO KEYS OR HOOKS - Clip the multitool to your key chain, bag strap, or any convenient loop or hook using the integrated carabiner clip

  • GRAB AND GO - Measures 2.6” x .7” x .1” and weighs .4 oz, for highly portable everday carry (EDC) from a great keychain multi-tool

Divoti QuarterMaster multi tool keychain is made of entirely surgical stainless steel with hardening heat treatment, the QuarterMaster Key-Sized Multi Tool features 17 tools that do everything from tighten bolts and nut to pop a bottle cap, and that is so versatile but portable to fit in the palm of your hand.  Please check out the illustrative details on picture. On one end of the QuarterMaster is a sturdy carabiner clip, allowing you to attach easily to any bags for everyday carry (EDC).   Once side of the clip is deep laser engraved ruler in inch.  Moreover, QuarterMaster is not only TSA-friendly tools, it also makes an indispensable keychain or a great gift to good friends.

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