Medical Alert Necklaces

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Wondering What Information You Should Engrave On Your Medical Alert Pendant Tags?

A medical alert necklace together with necklace pendant tags is important jewelry that can make a big difference during an emergency.

Why Wear A Medical Alert Necklace With Pendant Tag?

A medical alert pendant tag is an efficient and effective way to share the necessary medical information.

In case of emergencies, when the victim cannot share details of their medical history or unusual conditions, it can be extremely challenging for first responders to provide the right medical attention or act effectively. By wearing a medical alert necklace pendant tag, inscribed with your most important medical details, first responders can find the information they need to treat you accordingly.

The Difference Between A Medical Alert Necklace Tag And Medical Charm Tags Or Bracelet Tags

Medical alert necklace tags often have more area available to engrave a more significant amount of information than other tags, such as bracelet tags or medical charms, which is usually smaller in size. A medical alert necklace tag thus offers a larger engravable area to accommodate people with lengthy content of medical conditions. 

What Information Should Be Engraved On Your Medical Alert Jewelry?

When choosing a medical alert necklace, it is important to consider what the most critical medical information about yourself is. To assist you in deciding what information to engrave on your medical alert necklace tag, consider that emergency personnel primarily look for the following information on a tag:

  • The name of the bearer.
  • Special medical conditions such as allergies, cardiac or respiratory diseases, diabetes, and blood type.
  • Specific medication or treatment requirements of the bearer.
  • Emergency contact details of a relative or friend engraved on the tag.

Additional Option: Consider carrying a medical ID card with the tag to provide more detailed information if needed.