Why a Custom Engraved Medical ID Works Best in an Emergency

Posted by Divoti U.S.A on Jun 27th 2024

If you have serious medical conditions or suffer from chronic illness, you know how critical it is to communicate these details during medical emergencies. And while technology may immediately appeal to you, phones and flash drives simply don’t provide the immediate access that EMTs require. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in a custom-engraved medical ID for an emergency.

1. It’s simple and effective

A medical ID allows you to communicate essential information to paramedics and EMTs, even when you may be unconscious. These medical professionals are trained to look for medical bracelets on individuals who require assistance and take this information into account for their care.

Other places where you may have this information — for example, a phone or a flash drive— are not as accessible as a bracelet when an emergency happens. Additionally, emergency personnel are not trained to look for these items, and technology can become a barrier to providing care. For example, no hospital can open a USB flash drive (thumb drive) data because it can carry viruses that pose a threat to network security.

For this reason, having your most critical medical information displayed on a medical ID where EMTs can access it is a simple and effective way to ensure care.

2. It still ensures privacy

Medical information is personal and private. You may wonder…do I really want that information displayed on your wrist or around your neck?

The answer is yes. Medical bracelets are strategically designed to keep your information private while also alerting your EMT or paramedics where to look. Divoti’s medical bracelets feature a caduceus symbol, which is a modern commercial medical symbol. Often, the caduceus is used on the part of the bracelet that is displayed outward, while the inner part of the bracelet includes all the individual’s private medical information.

As such, you don’t have to worry about everyone you meet learning about your diabetes, allergies, POTS, medication, heart disease, etc. That information is for you and your medical professionals only.

3. It helps prevent misdiagnosis

Wearing a medical bracelet ensures that you receive the best healthcare possible. If the medical professionals caring for you are starting from square one, then they may initially misdiagnose you. However, if you provide them a starting point with your medical information, then you avoid misdiagnosis and accelerate appropriate treatment and care.

In some cases, like allergies, you can also prevent worsening your symptoms. If you’re allergic to penicillin, then you’d want doctors to know this immediately to prevent treating you with medicine that could worsen your condition. Additionally, there are cases in which you may not require hospital admission. For example, if you’re prone to fainting due to POTS, you may just need someone to wait with you until you’re feeling better rather than transporting you to a hospital.

Final thoughts

Are you looking for a medical ID bracelet that can help you receive care in emergencies? Divoti offers custom-engraved medical ID bracelets that you can use to effectively communicate conditions, allergies, and medications to first responders. Visit here to browse our selection.