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Welcome to Divoti Inc.

Accidents or medical emergencies can happen anytime. Ambulance take patients to the ER over 16 million times each year in the US. It is the most important to make sure that we can get best care possible is by alerting emergency professionals and giving them the information they need about our health conditions promptly.

During an emergency, every second counts. Paramedics are trained to look for medical alert jewelry on your wrist and neck. A medical ID speaks for you when you can’t. It is the most important piece of jewelry you wear. We are engraving to ensure you & your loved one's peace of mind. We formed this company to set a new benchmark on custom engraved medical alert IDs and jewelry. We specialize in wear-resistant BLACK laser engraving on medical alert jewelry and keepsakes for our customers. We believe enduring quality and extreme affordability are musts for medical alert jewelry and keepsakes. Our Mission: Divoti Inc. focuses on creating medical alert jewelry and engravable accessories of the highest quality at the lowest possible prices. We pay the utmost attention to every detail to ensure the keepsake quality of our products and engraving. Our products must have stylish designs and enduring quality at radical prices. 1. Our customers with medical conditions can enjoy their lives with peace of mind. 2. Our customers’ happiest moments should be inscribed into the keepsakes. Everyone only has one life to live, why not live your life better today? Compare our products side by side with the others on the market. Check out why our health jewelry and medical alert collection are better in many ways. Divoti Inc.

We make the difference


Welcome to on where we like to do business differently than the leading retailers.

 We are the premier creator of premium health and identification jewelry and accessories at low mark-up prices. Our company mission is “Keepsake Quality, Radical Prices and Favorite Styles”.

In today’s retail market (both online and off), a store may carry many different items.  While you may only see one retailer, the product you are buying may have gone through several different manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and various sales personnel.  Even though some of these individuals may handle more than one aspect of getting the product to you, there still seem to be a lot of people handling that one product. Often those “extra” handlers are looking to make as much profit as they possibly can, and so they cut corners in nearly every way possible. Many times this causes them to select manufacturers that are turning out inferior products.  By the time the product gets to you, it may have a price tag that is as much as 8 times the original cost!    

We Take a Different Approach

Cooperation and Specialization:  At DivotiUSA, we specialize in creating stainless and titanium jewelry and accessories for improved health and well-being.  This is our sole focus.  Factory knows factories, we know our colleagues in the business.  We partner with the best of these manufacturers to bring their strengths into our products. This collaboration brings you the best in quality, in style, and in prices, too!

Features, Procedures and Standards:  Over a decade, we have been creating, developing and producing extraordinary product features while maintaining top-quality manufacturing under rigorous standards for some major brands.  We at Divoti adhere to higher standards of quality than most name brand competitors. We bring together style, quality workmanship, and the best of materials for a superior product that you will love.

Direct multi-channels:  We cut out the middle-man (and thus keep prices lower) by selling directly to you through our online-marketplace, our website, and various online discount consignment outlets. 

You can see for yourself how our beautiful (and functional) jewelry and medical alert items compare with other retailers. Stop by our website now to check out our unbelievably-low prices and our exceptionally high quality.  Compare our products side by side with the others on the market.  Check out why our health jewelry and medical alert collection are better in many ways. 

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