About Us

Divoti is the premier creator of pet identification tags and accessories, health and medical Alert ID bracelets, necklaces and jewelry of amazing value.

Who is Divoti?

We are Divoti, and Divoti stands for Devotee. We have a long history as a contract  manufacturer for the top major watch and jewelry brands.

What is Divoti?

We are professionals who accomplish more quality and quantity in less time - we faithfully produce quality products through procedures based on quality standards.

Our convictions are to manufacture quality metal products - keepsake quality, radical price, and favorite styles.

Why Divoti?

There is no fancy story about Divoti. Our products speak for themselves. We urge you to compare them side by side to others on the market for quality, styles, and price - then judge us firsthand.

We take pride in our products, and work hard to win your favor so you will choose Divoti products - again, and again, and again.  Divoti fiercely competes for your business.