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"I was considering expensive and risky surgery for my carpel tunnel syndrome. As a last resort I tried the Divoti magnetic bracelet. Within a few days of wearing Divoti , I was in less pain, had more mobility and I’m now saving for a dream vacation instead of surgery. Thank you Divoti!"
-Andrew Stewart, IT Professional

"After the car accident, I had lots of pain radiating throughout my arm to my right wrist. My right hand was so weak that I was having a hard time carrying heavy objects, let alone playing tennis or anything else. A friend of mine recommended Divoti, which literally changed my life because I can now go back to my daily routine activities without any weaknesses or pain in the right arm."
-Julie Nong, Attorney

"My husband wears Divoti bracelets to improve his golf game. I wear mine for all the compliments!"
-Michiko Yachi, Nurse

"Divoti helps me keep my focus and meet my goals. I noticed I have more energy and can multi-task better when wearing my Divoti bracelet."
-Alicia Reed, Sales Manager

"Ice, aspirin, wrist braces; I’ve chucked them all now that I’ve discovered Divoti magnetic bracelets. I feel better, stronger and they look great."
-Tammie Brown, Travel Agent

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