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Why Are Medical Id Charms Good To Carry?

Yes, it is true. There are days where we might not feel up to wearing jewelry or perhaps we prefer not to wear any at all. On days such as these, should an emergency occur where we are not able to communicate or is in a coma, emergency personnel or first responders will treat us as any other medical patient, assuming there is no medical conditions, allergies or prior medications they should know about that could affect our treatment.

But what if we could communicate crucial medical information to first responders without saying a word? This is where a medical identification charm come in very handy.

The market today presents a wide range of medical identification charms that can be attached to a purse, a wallet or a belt by the lobster clasp they are fitted with. These medical ID charms can indicate to emergency personnel that a person has an allergy or medical condition as the tags are custom engraved by Divoti USA to suit the needs of the customer. 

Medical tag charms are available either with a round tag, or a heart-shaped tag, both of which have multiple color options to choose from. The medical needs of each bearer are laser engraved onto the tag of the charm by Divoti USA; a free of charge service.

A medical ID charm is something small but can save our lives in the event of an emergency