Heavy Duty Hand-woven Outdoor Survival EDC 550 Paracord Belt - Style

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  • DURABLE, RUGGED AND MULTI-PURPOSES: 47" in length, 1.5” in width w/ surgical stainless-steel belt buckle. extra length can be tucked over in pant belt loops.

  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE stainless-steel belt buckle for water, rust and wear proof: Surgical grade stainless steel has extreme hardness for wear resistance, austenitic for corrosion resistance against acidity and alkalinity and high tensile strength for durability.

  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Each Paracord Belts is hand woven with 550 paracord rope and tough enough for use for survival tool during emergencies while hiking, camping, trekking, or climbing.

  • PROBABLY THE TOUGEST BELT ON EARTH: Each Belts is hand woven from 550LB paracord of total length of 130 feet and super tough surgical stainless-steel belt buckle.

  • EASY-& LOW-MAINTENANCE: Divoti paracord belt is easily cleaned by washing and air drying.

Let any outdoor adventures begin and be ready with your Divoti Paracord Belt with Surgical Stainless-Steel Belt Buckle.  The one and only belt you will need for your outdoor and daily adventures.  Divoti paracord belts are handwoven from military-grade  Milspec 550 Tactical Paracord rope (made of 100% genuine 7-strand 550LB nylon parachute cord). These parachute cords hold a breaking load of 550lbs and a working load of 220lbs. These cord lines is 5/32" diameter in overall thickness and can stretch up to 10% elongation underweight in lab tests.

Divoti Paracord not only are stylish with easy maintenance to wear daily, but also practical and useful to turn smoothing handy when you need it the most during any outdoor adventures.  Use it rig a tent, set snares, make a fire-starter bow, tie down a load of bags, repair gear and many more uses.  Put on your best EDC survival tools around your waist.

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