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divoti -in support of national epilepsy awareness month

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The facts about breast cancer

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The Benefits Of Exercise For Certain Conditions Requiring Medical Alert Jewelry

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It’s summer, and with the season a lot of opportunities arise for travel, camping or enjoying various outdoor activities due to long, warm sunny days. Yet, many diabetic sufferers stay at home during the summer holiday season for various medical reasons.

This summer though, you don’t have to stay at home and miss out on all the fun. This week, Divoti shares several top summer travel tips diabetic travelers can keep in mind to minimize the risks of summer travel, and still have fun in the sun with friends, family or a special loved one.

Therefore, get your bathing suit ready, your suitcase packed, and let’s head off for the summer!


The American Diabetes Association and Diabetes Canada offer several helpful tips to diabetics who are going to be doing things such as hiking, camping, swimming and boating this summer:

    • Remember to pack your Blood Glucose Meter, especially within your backpack if you are off hiking, climbing or going to a water park.
  • Besides getting the above mentioned letter, it is critical that you talk to your doctor about the kinds of potential health challenges you will be facing during your summer vacation. Aspects such as flying or crossing time zones, or long travel days and/or unusual physical activity, should be discussed. Your doctor can help you with ways to adjust your regime, example, adjusting your insulin intake to respond to travel challenges.

The American Diabetes Association advice: “Remember, you might be expending unusual amounts of energy during the summer, therefore monitoring your blood sugar more frequently is a must.”

To Do:

Experienced diabetics accustomed to summer vacation activities away from home also point out the importance of planning. Just as other vacationers have to take into account things like packing the right clothes for all kinds of summer weather, diabetics need to plan their own vacations carefully to.

Consider the following:

  • Consider what would happen if you got stranded in your vacation country because of weather, transportation, or some other emergency?
  • Pack an adequate supply of medical supplies in case of unexpected situations or medical emergencies.
  • Consider wearing medical alert jewelry, purchasable from reliable companies such as Divoti. Whether you choose a Medical Alert Bracelet, a Medical ID Bracelet, or Medical Alert Necklace, Medical Alert Jewelry signals to EMTs and emergency room staff information about your condition that you may not be able to tell them at the time.
  • Diabetics need to have extra medical supplies.

To Do:

Ten percent of diabetics are known to run into mild to serious problems while traveling during summer.

To Do:

Although half of the fun of being on a vacation is eating junk food, gorging on your favorites and skipping meals, as a diabetic, you do not have this luxury. It is important to eat healthy and time your meals. If you are flying, ask for a diabetic friendly meal or buy healthy snack foods on the airport to consume during the flight.

  • If you’re traveling by car, you need to plan for regular food stops or carry healthy snacks like fruit and nuts, yogurt, vegetables, and lean meat in a cold pack.

Medical alert jewelry is important information about your diabetes, and signals any important information about your medical status to emergency staff if the situation occurs.

Furthermore, apart from wearing your Medical Alert Bracelet or Medical Alert Necklace, it is also wise to carry a letter from your doctor explaining your medical condition and the fact that you need to carry needles and insulin. This may be vital at airport security, with hotel security, and for police departments wherever you visit. Like the Boy Scouts, be prepared.


In Conclusion

Summer vacation travel can be a great adventure if you plan ahead and take precaution. Make sure your Medical Alert Necklace or Medical Alert Bracelet information is up to date, and you’ve discussed potential travel concerns with your doctor.

Above all, this year, go out and enjoy your summer adventure.

Choosing The Right Medical ID Jewelry

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An Insider Guide To Choosing The Right Medical ID Jewelry

A medical ID speaks for you when you can’t. It is the most important piece of jewelry you wear. Good looking is a must as it is a piece of jewelry, but there is much more to medical alert ID pieces.

Can You Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day? Yes!

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Can You Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day? Yes!

February is the month of love, and the 14th marks everyone’s favorite time to celebrate: it’s Valentine’s Day, a day renowned for boxed chocolates, romantic dinners, and decadent desserts. Valentine’s Day is a day of love, particularly one for showing your love for another with the traditional sweets and treats.

Have a Healthy Spring with Your Own Herbal Wellness Garden

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Have a Healthy Spring with Your Own Herbal Wellness Garden

Spring is just around the corner, and now is the time to begin focusing on a new year, a new you, and a healthier lifestyle. Winter can bring out the worst in terms of inflammation of joints resulting in soreness and stiffness. Besides physical discomfort, the fatigue and feeling down that accompanies aches and pains, and the restlessness that comes with being cooped up during the cold winter months are a good reason to make some changes in your lifestyle this spring. While there are plenty of over-the-counter remedies available, there are also plenty of natural treatments in the form of teas, balms, and oils and even magnetic jewelry!

Healthy Weight and Healthy Skin for 2015

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Healthy Weight and Healthy Skin for 2015

If you are like most folks, you put on some extra heft during the holidays. All those sweets probably gave you a little acne, too. Where the breakouts aren't, winter weather has likely rounded out the trifecta with a not so healthy helping of dry river bed-like skin. It's time to return this little "present" so that it does not become the gift that keeps on giving with continuing added girth and ongoing skin problems.

Get a Free Medical Alert App for a Safe 2015

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Get a Free Medical Alert App for a Safe 2015

Some time ago, I witnessed a tragic accident...

Is Healthy Living on Your List of New Year’s Resolutions?

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Is Healthy Living on Your List of New Year’s Resolutions?

It hard to believe that another year has come and gone, isn’t it? As I look back over the past year, I think about how excited I was to see the calendar rolling around to a new opportunity to accomplish the goals that I would set for myself to push forward in areas that I wanted to develop. In all honesty, I did reach many of those goals, but others… well, let’s just say that I’m going to have the opportunity to give them another shot in this New Year!

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